We create unique shows which have no analogues in Russia.
We have improved western technologies and now we are ready to offer you a number of breathtaking neon masterpieces. Our costumes will amaze your imagination when they turn into unforgettable images in the complete darkness. We had the aim to make something really special and unique, that’s why in 2013 we created our first show “Forward to the past” using modern technologies. It was a real technical breakthrough that helped us to surprise our audience with performances in the complete darkness.
Now we are ready to offer you our unforgettable neon masterpieces and we will create special atmosphere of your holidays and events.


NEONSHOW – a unique creative project for children and adults.


«Forward to the past»

Number of performers: 3-6 performers
Duration of performance: 3-12 minutes
This is a story about a boy and a girl who travel through the time to the magic world and meet there legendary celebrities. The combination of music, dancing and neon technologies will impress the audience. You will see neon images of world famous celebrities, for example, amazing appearance of Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson’s moon walk, Elvis Presley’s solo with a microphone, Christina Aguilera’s stunning vocal. We have created this show in honour of great people and artists who touched people’s hearts.

«The whisper of silence»

Number of performers: 4, 6, 8, 10 performers
Duration: 5-20 minutes
This is a colourful neon parable with a fascinating plot about the eternal battle between good and evil. You will see an unusual magic space full of incredible creatures like North Shaman, immortal angel and spirits of ancient warriors and infernal skeletons. This magical visual story includes advanced neon technologies, original choreography, live vocal and theatrical elements. All these details create a dynamic memorable play that you will never forget.

«Adventures of the little ant»

Duration of performance: 20 minutes
We present the first neon performance for children!

This performance is based on the fairy tale “Adventures of the little ant” written by V. Bianki. It is a touching story about a little ant who wants to fly. New friends and great adventures are waiting for him on his way to the dream. This fairy tale teaches us to believe in our dreams and they will definitely come true no matter what.

Magnificent music and neon effects will immerse your children into the atmosphere of magic.

Welcoming the guests


Neon show project presents magical neon creatures that do not participate in our shows, but they are perfect for entertaining your guests before the event starts.


According to the legend he was revived with the help of ancient knowledge, but our Golem was brought to life with the help of modern technologies. He can appear in the complete darkness and welcome the visitors of your event.


You can take a ride on its back, whenever you want and take some great pictures. Luchik is perfect for your photo zones.



Forward to the past

Forward to the past

The whisper of silence

The whisper of silence

The whisper of silence

Adventures of the little ant


Forward to the past

The whisper of silence


Adventures of the little ant



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